Water Related Public Consultations In Manitoba

Nutrient Management Regulation Review

The Nutrient Management Regulation review will look at the effectiveness of the nutrient management regulation over the last five years. Consultation will be held with stakeholders directly impacted by the regulation.

The Manitoba Water Council will be conducting the review to advise the Minister of Conservation and Water Stewardship on whether the regulation should be amended or appealed.

Consultations with the public will be scheduled.

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Surface Water Management Strategy

The Surface Water Management Strategy aims to address the management of water across the province in a more holistic way.

The strategy will provide an over-arching framework articulating principles, goals and policy direction to allow Manitoba to better align water-related initiatives and decisions across all government mandates.

Conservation and Water Stewardship, with advice from the Manitoba Water Council, is conducting stakeholder meetings and public consultations from April to August 2012.

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Flood Review Task Force

In February 2012, The Province of Manitoba established the Flood Review Task Force, an independent task force composed of representatives from flood-affected communities and municipalities, and individuals from other jurisdictions to bring in different experiences and perspectives.

The Flood Review Task Force will examine many aspects of Manitoba's historic 2011 flood, including preparedness and response, flood forecasting, public communications, operation of flood control infrastructure and flood protection.

Survey tools, and feedback forms are available online and open houses have been scheduled in different locations.

Lake Manitoba and Lake St. Martin Regulation Review Committee

The Lake Manitoba and Lake St. Martin Regulation Review Committee is an independent body with members from diverse backgrounds. Most live in the vicinity of Lake Manitoba or Lake St. Martin.

The Committee will undertake a review of the operation of provincial water control structures and the water levels on Lake Manitoba, Lake St. Martin, and associated waterways.

Survey tools, and feedback forms are available online and open houses have been scheduled in different community locations.

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Assiniboine and Lake Manitoba Basin Flood Mitigation Study

The Assiniboine and Lake Manitoba Basin Flood Mitigation Study will identify and assess potential options to reduce flood risk for communities and infrastructure on the Assiniboine River and Lake Manitoba watersheds.

It also aims to develop recommendations on how future flood events can be mitigated on the main stems of the Assiniboine River, Souris River, Qu'Appelle River, Fairford River, Dauphin River, Dauphin Lake, Lake Manitoba, Lake Winnipegosis, Lake St. Martin, and Shoal Lake.

Several public open houses will be held to explain the study and to obtain public input and ideas for flood mitigation options.

Peatlands Stewardship Strategy

Conservation and Water Stewardship is currently developing a provincial Peatlands Stewardship Strategy. The vision of this Strategy is for healthy, well-managed peatland ecosystems that are able to provide valued ecological goods and services, and responsible economic development opportunities.

Conservation and Water Stewardship is developing a discussion paper with the intention of making it available for public review in the fall of 2012. The Department is also planning to launch a Manitoba Peatlands website. This website will provide feedback to the department on peat related matters including the Peatlands Discussion Paper.

Drainage Regulation

A new regulatory approach will be developed to establish several drainage and water retention projects through a regulation-based approach under The Water Rights Act. A steering committee has been established to explore the concept of grouping various types of water control works for drainage licensing. The steering committee is to consider first if this is a feasible approach. If appropriate, separate requirements and procedures will be identified for licenses through regulation. The steering committee is composed of Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM), Keystone Agricutural Producer (KAP), and Conservation and Water Stewardship. It should report to the Minister late in the fall.

Lake Winnipeg Regulation - Manitoba Hydro

On July 5, 2011 the Minister of Water Stewardship requested the assistance of the Clean Environment Commission (CEC), through the Minister of Conservation, to review the request of Manitoba Hydro for a final license under The Water Power Act pertaining to the regulation of Lake Winnipeg.

The CEC will conduct the review and provide a public forum to consult with stakeholders regarding Manitoba Hydro's performance under its interim license.

The CEC is at an early stage of planning this review. As information becomes available it will be posted on the website.

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