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The Manitoba Water Council

The Manitoba Water Council is a senior advisory board that reports to the Minister of Conservation and Water Stewardship, who is responsible for:

  • Development and implementation of watershed management plans
  • Regulation review of water quality management zones
  • Coordinate activities of water advisory boards and similar entities
  • Advice regarding water generally and performance indicators

The Water Council builds consensus among Manitobans on sustainable solutions that will help protect and manage the province's water quality and water quantity. Established in February 2007, the responsibilities of the Water Council are established under the authority of The Water Protection Act, Section 25. The Water Council provides advice to the Minister of Conservation and Water Stewardship on policies, programs, plans and legislation to achieve the government's goal of providing the best water for all life and lasting prosperity.

Purpose and Mandate

The Manitoba Water Council brings together the expertise and experience of its members under a consensus-based partnership for the purpose of:

  • Advising the Minister on a broad spectrum of matters relating to water
  • Providing direction and advice of a consensus position to the government, stakeholders, and the public on water-related issues
  • Assisting in development of water-related sustainability indicators
  • Monitoring the development and implementation of watershed management plans in the province
  • Reviewing regulations respecting water quality management zones and advicing the Minister on their effectiveness
  • Coordinating the activities of advisory boards and similar entities that perform functions relating to water, including advisory boards and other entities specified by legislation
  • Performing any other duties assigned to it by an Act or Regulation
  • As per Clause 28, acting on any Ministerial request within their responsibilities and in accordance with the terms of reference, considering the matter and providing a written report if findings and recommendation

Guiding Principles

Members of the Manitoba Water Council, as individuals and as an assembly are:

  • Supportive of the vision, mission and principles adopted by the Department of Conservation and Water Stewardship
  • Trustworthy-Council will earn public trust as an independent advisory body to government, stakeholders and the public, supported by credible data and information
  • Fair-Members agree to deliberate in the best interest of the citizens of Manitoba and to do their best in representing the provincial mandate from their own unique perspective and background, and in so doing shall not advocate their own organizational interests or mandates
  • Transparent-Council will be visible and accessible with established processes to bring issues forward and to communicate Council activities
  • Timely-Council will respond to priority issues in a reasonable fashion
  • Innovative-Council will bring together expertise and experience to find the best solution to provincial water management issues
  • Collaborative-Council will identify common initiatives and recommend collaboration where it is beneficial
  • Consensus Building-The Council recognizes that building a consensus perspective is mandated for the advisory aspects and roles of the Council. It is also recognized that it may perform as an appeal body and is responsible to come to a decision in an acceptable time frame and may need to use other democratic mechanisms to achieve such decisions


The Manitoba Water Council consists of at least five members and reflects the priorities and policy principles of affirmative action. Council members are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, who in his or her opinion are representative of:

  • Regional diversity of Manitoba
  • Local Government
  • Agriculture
  • Environmental Perspectives



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