The Manitoba Water Council

Who We Are

  • The Manitoba Water Council was established in February 2007 under the authority of The Water Protection Act as the senior advisory body to the Minister of Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship.
  • The Water Council coordinates the work of all provincial advisory bodies on water protection, and plays an important role in province-wide water issues.
  • The Water Council members represent the regional diversity of Manitoba including local, government, agricultural and environmental perspectives.
  • The Water Council builds consensus among Manitobans on sustainable solutions that will help protect and manage the province's water quality and water quantity.

Water-Related Consultations In Manitoba

The Manitoba Water Council aims to inform and encourage all Manitobans to participate in various water-related consultations in the province.

Currently, the Water Council is working on the following initiatives:

There are eight other ongoing water consultations and initiatives in the province that you may participate in to help create innovative approaches and meaningful solutions to our water challenges. These include:

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